Leading Our Children To The Future!

I love my children and I will love yours too.  I want to lead your children into a successful future just as I lead my own.  Let us all walk hand in hand, and guarantee our children have a better life than us.  Let us ensure that they can be protected so that they can learn and grow in the right direction!

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Call to Action

"I noticed that there was a no one on our board that had the educated background to keep our children safe.  I truly believe that our children are the future and their safety comes first!  Lock Downs, Emergencies, Violence, Bullies... and anything other than "happiness" should not be part of a child's life at school.  School is where a child should be able to get an education without the worry of any Violence!  School should be a safe haven where all are free to express themselves and learn what they need to learn to be successful in life!" I want to help make this happen for your children and mine.

  • Trained in Juvenile Violence
  • Trained in Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Trained in Community Emergency Response
  • Trained to put the Students Safety First
  • I want this part to stand out along


Scott Beard has announced his candidacy for Board of Education with the Marshall County School District. He will be running on the Democratic Party ticket against two term veteran Tony Simmons for the District 3 position.

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